Creative copy that converts


Having a great-looking website with all the bells and whistles is only half the battle – you also need clear, concise and compelling copy that converts.

Many small businesses are so focussed on getting their website made that they overlook what will actually go on it. How you describe yourself in words is just as important as how you do it visually. You need a great company description, SEO-friendly content and carefully crafted calls-to-action that encourage clicks.

Often you know what you want to say about yourself, but don’t know how to get it down in writing. That’s where I come in. I’ll get to know your company and services in-depth, then write copy that appeals to your target audience.

Copywriting Services

I can review your existing website or marketing content and make improvements (including search engine optimisation) or help you to write copy from scratch. I can also help with content marketing such as blog posts – either as a standalone service, or on a regular basis to make sure you’ve got plenty of interesting content to share on social media.

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Blog Writing (Content Marketing)

You can come to me with ideas or ask my opinion on what your readers might want to hear from you. I’ll then go away and conduct research and write up the blog or news item. I can even design or source appropriate imagery and graphics so that it’s visually appealing as well as a damn good read!

All blogs are written with your target keywords in mind – if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry as I can help with that too. This will give your website a SEO boost.

A company brochure

Copy for Marketing Collateral

In many cases this will closely follow the content that’s on your website – if you have it – but I’ll tailor it to fit the design, audience and purpose. For example, if you want to create a brochure that appeals to a specific vertical market, or a different demographic than you usually market to, it’s important the copy is customised to speak their language.

Website Content

Search engine-optimised copy that will get traffic and drive conversions; whether it’s a sale, a signup or simply an enquiry. I’ll structure the copy so that it can be easily read by your human visitors AND search engines, using target keywords and links, and in a tone of voice that appeals to your audience. Well-written calls-to-action (‘Don’t delay, sign up for my ebook today!’) will encourage visitors to complete the actions you want them to take.

Whether it’s writing a quick elevator pitch for use by your sales team, or an in-depth overview of your business for an annual report, contact me to discover how I can help.


Hang on – what is ‘copy’ and what does a copywriter actually do?

‘Copy’ is essentially any written material that is used for marketing or advertising; from email campaigns to banner adverts to white papers. A copywriter helps you to get down in words everything you want to tell your target audience about your business in a way that’s exciting and persuasive. This might include search engine-optimised website content that makes your website highly visible in search results, and is persuasive enough to make visitors click on a button.

What is content marketing? And why do I need it?

Content marketing is the creation of online material that is used to promote your business in a passive manner. It’s not overtly promotional, but is intended to drive brand awareness and ultimately to create leads. This includes everything from blogs to videos to social media posts. It’s highly effective in this digital age where ‘content is king’ and users are increasingly fed up of pushy brands trying to sell them things in their news feed. It’s also a cost-effective marketing tool, making it ideal for SMB’s.

Creative Services

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Graphic design for print & web

Get your online and offline presence looking sharp. I offer graphic design for print (such as brochures, business cards and event signage) and web (such as social media cover images, banner adverts and infographics).

Icon of a computer to represent web design

Website Design

I design and build modern, user-friendly websites, built on the WordPress CMS platform to give you control of the content. All my websites are search engine optimised and responsive to any device (mobile, tablet, etc).

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Website Review & Strategy

You may already have a great-looking website in place, but it’s just not working for you as it should. Leave it to me – I’ll review your website and make suggestions for areas of improvement to get it to support the needs of your business.

How can I help grow your business?

I prefer not to offer “off-the-rack” prices, as in my experience one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to copywriting!

I will happily provide you with a no obligation quote to fit your brief and your budget – just click on the button below to complete my quick quote form and we’ll take it from there.