“Do I really need business cards?”

As a graphic designer, I get asked this more regularly than you might think.

It’s a fair question: is there really still a place for business cards in today’s tech-driven, smartphone-obsessed world?

I mean, does anyone still hand out bits of paper when you can tap two smartphones together to transfer contact information? Or grab their Twitter handle and tweet them later?

Actually, yes they do.

Five Reasons To Use Business Cards

1. They make it easy for the recipient to contact you

Rather than standing there awkwardly inputting someone’s contact details in to your smartphone (or worse, scribbling them down on a piece of paper), business cards are a quick and easy way to exchange contact information.

Unlike technology, they won’t fail you – unless you accidentally spill liquid on your wallet. In which case, you should definitely get your phone out.

2. They leave an impression

In some cases your business card will be the first tangible impression the recipient gets of your business.

A well-designed business card, whether it’s quirky and unusual or simply aesthetically pleasing, will make an impact on the beholder and help them to recall you later on.

Business cards that are creative are also more likely to get shared around. Think of it like viral marketing, but in paper form.

3. The quality of your card reflects the quality of your business

In much the same way that we judge others by their outward appearances within seconds of meeting, your business card will leave an instant impression of your company – so make it a good one! A well designed business card on a luxurious thick stock will speak volumes about your company and elevate you above the competition.

Consider business cards an integral part of your suite of marketing collateral that can help to build a picture of the nature of your business and it’s personality.

4. They act as a mental trigger

Business cards serve as a physical reminder in a way that’s much more effective than, say, receiving an email.

After an event, fishing a business card from your pocket helps bring to mind the person who gave it to you and acts as a physical reminder to get in touch.

And if their popularity is waning, your card is even more likely to prompt a response as it won’t get lost in a pile of other cards.

5. They’re traditional

The exchange of business cards has become an integral part of business culture. They may not be that popular with millenials, but if you’re networking with older generations that aren’t as social media-savvy then they’re still the norm.

As long as you’re out there meeting people and networking, don’t get caught out without a business card when someone else hands you theirs – especially in more traditional business cultures such as Hong Kong and Japan.

Obviously it’s worth considering the practical side and whether you’ll actually use them (or remember to carry them).

If you don’t get out there and network much, or meet clients face to face, then it may not be worth the expense; but for the majority of companies, business cards still very much have a place.

Make Sure Your Business Cards Stand Out

Now you might be considering getting some cards designed and you’re wondering how to get them to work for you.

Your business cards should fit in with your overall brand identity, but why not play around with paper weight, texture and effects such as spot UV, embossing and metallic foils? Or break the mould with square cards, or cards with rounded corners?

You could also consider adding a headshot to the cards for an added personal touch and to make sure they really won’t forget your face.

For a relatively minor additional cost you could have something that really sets you and your business apart.

Make business cards a core part of your sales & marketing arsenal: order a short print run featuring a special offer, or showcase your range of products and services on the reverse of the card.

Thanks to modern laser printing it’s quick, cheap and easy to get a small batch printed as and when you need them, so why not experiment with a few different styles to see what gets the best reaction?

Order Your Business Cards Today

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