Firstly, I just want to say that I’m not usually one to act as a “brand advocate” but in all honesty, since I started moving my clients to managed WordPress hosting from Flywheel, I haven’t looked back and I’m all too happy to tell you why.

The price you pay for managed hosting is well worth it when compared to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting solutions. These are my top six reasons why managed hosting with Flywheel is the only way to go.

Why You Need Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Everything is taken care of for you

Upgrades, security, migrations – you name it, they’ll handle it. No more logging in on a regular basis to manually run WordPress core and plugin updates. In the long run this saves you so much time, money and IT resources.

2. Your site gets it own dedicated resources

Flywheel puts your site on a dedicated VPS, whereas shared hosting is just that: a shared server, tied to a bunch of other sites that could be dealing with malware, performance issues, and more.

3. Managed hosting is really fast

Flywheel tunes their servers for optimal WordPress performance and configures all the caching, so you don’t have to set up caching plugins or worry about your site speed.

4. Top-notch security

Flywheel is on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and will proactively block threats whenever they can. And IF (and that’s a big “if”!) your site is somehow compromised, they’ll fix it for free.

5. They’ve got your back.

If you need urgent support or simply have a query, there’s assistance available via live chat, phone, email or an extensive online library of help docs. When you call, you’ll get an actual human on the other end.

6. Better collaboration and workflow.

Their platform is built to create a better workflow between client and the website developer (you and me). For example, I can transfer the billing of your site over to you without needing to share passwords or credit card info.

In the interest of fairness, most managed WordPress providers (and I can also recommend Siteground and WPEngine) will offer similar features, but everything about Flywheel is so easy and in my experience, their customer service is second to none.

Ok, time to get off my soapbox! Hopefully that’s cleared it up for you somewhat, however if you still need more information then feel free to drop me an email or click here to get started on Flywheel.

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Quick Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you purchase using my link. I only ever recommend products to you that I have personally used and approved.